A Geology Road Trip through North Carolina: Part 1, the Mountains

My time in Raleigh is nearing an end, so it’s high time that I share some of the interesting geological sights I’ve seen since I moved here in 2014! Let’s take a mini virtual road trip across North Carolina, starting in the mountains. (“Mountains”, says the former Albertan inside me.)

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What I Did on My Summer Vacation: Fine Feathered Friends

The Royal Alberta Museum is also currently hosting a temporary exhibit on the use of feathers in hat-making (millinery!) and fashion, called Fashioning Feathers. I’m not usually all that into the history of costume and fashion in museums, and so I was pleasantly surprised by how interesting I found this particular exhibit. I think it was the intersection of biology and fashion that was so neat.

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The Ontario Science Centre

I’m back from a vacation to visit various family members scattered around the globe, including a stop in Toronto. It was time for a long overdue visit to the Ontario Science Centre, which I hadn’t visited since I was in my early teens, but which was one of my very favourite places when I was younger.

The Ontario Science Centre was built in 1969 and was a pretty revolutionary place at the time, as instead of the stereotypical ‘static’ museum displays pretty much everything was hands-on in some way. There are great exhibits on astronomy and the human body, an indoor rainforest with some really cool poison dart frogs, a fin whale skeleton, and the Science Arcade, which is probably one of the most fun science exhibits to play in. Continue reading

"Best" and "Worst" Dinosaur Names

A couple of articles I’ve come across recently have gotten me thinking about dinosaur names, in particular a pair of (admittedly fluffy) articles on about.com, the “10 Worst Dinosaur Names” and the “10 Best Dinosaur Names“.

It is interesting but somewhat disheartening to see how the public (and even other scientists, to be honest) react to certain dinosaur names, identifying them as ‘good’ or ‘bad’. What makes a dinosaur name good or bad? Continue reading