triceratops__lake_by_chrismasna-d8g0m17Saurian is an upcoming video game simulating the Hell Creek ecosystem. I’m consulting on the Ankylosaurus and Denversaurus characters in the game.

Dino Hunt Canada is a 4-part miniseries about Canadian palaeontologists and fossil localities that aired in January 2015 on History Channel Canada. I’m featured in episode 2, Cutler’s Cave, doing fieldwork in Dinosaur Provincial Park, Alberta. I also answered audience-submitted questions on the Ask an Expert page of the show’s website.

Walking with Dinosaurs 3D is a 2013 feature film produced by BBC Earth and tells the story of a Pachyrhinosaurus growing up in the Cretaceous of northwestern North America. I was a scientific consultant for the Edmontonia character.

Clash of the Dinosaurs is a 4-part documentary series about dinosaur anatomy that aired in 2009 on the Discovery Channel. My research on ankylosaur tail club biomechanics is featured in the episode The Defenders, and I was also a consultant for this segment.

March of the Dinosaurs is a 2011 Discovery Channel documentary following the speculative life of a young Edmontosaurus growing up in Alaska. I was a scientific consultant for the Edmontonia character.