Field Expeditions

Sustut Basin, British Columbia

As an undergrad at Dalhousie University way back in 2005-2006, I described what turned out to be the first dinosaur remains that had ever been collected from British Columbia. In August 2017, I got to fulfill a longstanding goal of mine to go look for more! With generous support from National Geographic, I led a team of palaeontologists to the remote Sustut Basin in the Intermontane Terrane. Now, as curator of palaeontology at the Royal BC Museum, I’m exploring the northern part of the Sustut Basin in the high alpine plateaus of Spatsizi Plateau Wilderness Provincial Park – stay tuned for updates on this exciting new project and BC’s dinosaurs!

Western USA

Cleanup at Suicide Hill, Utah Mussentuchit Formation, Utah

New finds in the Moreno Hill Formation, New Mexico

Excavating a small ornithischian in the Mussentuchit

My postdoctoral work at the North Carolina Museum of Natural Sciences has taken me to the middle Cretaceous of the western United States, where our team (led by Dr. Lindsay Zanno) has been discovering new dinosaur species! You can read more about our fieldwork at the Expedition Live! blog. 2015 and 2016 fieldwork included:

View from the hadrosaur excavation in Colorado

Excavating a bone in Dinosaur Provincial ParkDinosaur Provincial Park

Alberta is the dinosaur capital of Canada and I am very fortunate to have done my graduate schooling at the University of Alberta. From 2007-2013, as part of Phil Currie’s crew, I helped find and excavate Late Cretaceous dinosaurs all over the province. Highlights include:

Pachyrhinosaurus squamosal at the Wapiti River BonebedWapiti River BonebedDanek Edmontosaurus BonebedDanek Edmontosaurus Bonebed

December helicopter lift in Dinosaur Provincial Park

Nova Scotia

Wasson's Bluff Bonebed, Nova ScotiaWasson's Bluff Bonebed

My first palaeontological field experience was in 2004 at Wasson’s Bluff, near Parrsboro Nova Scotia. Led by Tim Fedak (Dalhousie University), we excavated prosauropod skeletons from the Late Triassic/Early Jurassic McCoy Brook Formation. The intertidal zone is a unique place to dig for dinosaurs!


Bugin Tsav, Mongolia Partial tail club, Mongolia IMG_1563

I’ve had the pleasure of working in the Gobi Desert of Mongolia during the Dinosaurs of the Gobi Expedition in 2007, and the Korea-Mongolia International Dinosaur Project in 2010. I’ve prospected for Late Cretaceous dinosaur fossils, and have even found some ankylosaur fossils there! (I also named a new Mongolian dinosaur, Zaraapelta, in 2014).


Mulichinco Formation, Argentina IMG_3656

In 2011 I joined Rodolfo Coria’s crew from the Museo Carmen Funes to help excavate an ornithopod from some very hard rocks in the Mulichinco Formation in Neuquén Province, Argentina.