All work and no play….

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Here’s a short video showing just how long the tail of the Carnegie Apatosaurus is. It just keeps going and going and going…

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Each year the SVP hosts a benefit auction to support society activities. And each year the auction committee has a fun theme that they dress up to – previous years have included Indiana Jones, Pirates of the Caribbean, James Bond, and Monty Python. This year we got Star Trek! So an already nerdy bunch of nerds got even nerdier. I was rather excited by the presence of tribbles.

Tribbles are dangerous and should be avoided by people who like to collect stuff.

SVP Pseudo-Live Blogging

SVP talk accomplished! Now I can relax!

I will hopefully post some photos of the excellent welcome reception at the Carnegie Museum later this week once I have some time and sanity.

Also, I am now the proud owner of a patriotic Uncle Sam Stegosaurus. Thank you, Carnegie Museum.

Also also, why weren’t there any ankylosaurs in the Dinosaurs in Their Time exhibit? *sad*