First day at the Hwaseong Dinosaur Lab

After a long journey to Seoul, I have arrived in Hwaseong-si. Here’s a few pictures from my first day at the lab.

I have begun to prepare a tail club.

The lab is spacious and bright, and visitors to the centre can look in on what we’re up to.

In the visitor’s centre, there are displays highlighting the fossil finds from Hwaseong. Many eggs and nests have been recovered from a Protoceratops-like dinosaur.

On the second floor you can step onto a balcony and take in the view. The lab is located in a marshy area. On the drive in there are lots of farms and rice paddies.

The second floor also has a very cute little theatre with an amazing mural. The opposite wall has information about the Korea Mongolia International Dinosaur Project’s fieldwork.

More to come soon!

5 thoughts on “First day at the Hwaseong Dinosaur Lab

  1. The Korean Protoceratops is very good. I like him.

    Is that an ankylosaur pelvis in the second picture, or is that just wishful thinking?


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