More fun at the lab.

We’ve had a couple of really nice sunny days in Hwaseong, the first properly sunny days since I arrived in Korea. So, you get some nice outside pictures today!

Construction on a boardwalk out to the egg site is moving along very quickly, and I suspect the boardwalk will be finished later this week or next. The boardwalk will provide a nice dry and non-muddy surface to walk on, and will also protect the surrounding marsh.

As an interesting aside, just beyond the egg site islands is a small creek, and beyond that is the boundary for a Universal Studios theme park that should be completed around 2014. This whole area will probably be completely unrecognizable in a few years, with the addition of the theme park, natural history museum, and other amenities going up.

Just off the patio at the visitor centre is this really cute giant dinosaur egg sitting area. Watched over by Charcharodontosaurus? Robin for scale.

The beginning of the road leading to the museum is marked by these charming fellows, a possible stegosaur and sauropod. Part of the words written on them are Kong Lyong or Kong Ryong, which means dinosaur, but we have not figured out the rest yet.

A handsome fellow indeed!

One thought on “More fun at the lab.

  1. Universal Studios??? Hoe did they find this stop to build a theme park? Love the photos of the dinosaur eggs (as seats) and the dinosaur statutes. This will really turn into a tourist destination in the next few years. Enjoy it now, before the hordes find the area.


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