Taking the Seoul Train, part 2

During our visit to Seoul we also visited the National Folk Museum, which was quite interesting. They have a series of Saturday traditional dance and music performances, and we were treated to a wonderful group of traditional dancers. My favourite number involved dancing with hourglass-shaped drums.

Magpies are good luck in Korea!

These are jangseung, Korean totem poles or tikis. They usually stand at the entrance to a town or village to ward off daemons and mark village boundaries.

Acupuncture dolls!

These are stone scholars that would have marked graves of important people.

Some of the stone figures had very strange faces!

One thought on “Taking the Seoul Train, part 2

  1. I think that stone scholars are excellent choices for gravestones. Could it be that your brain turns to stone if you think too much? I always knew that “Magpies” were good luck, right?


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