Korean Folk Village, part 3: in which there is general silliness

For an extra 3000 won (about $3) you could go in the Korean haunted house! Spooky! It was just about the best 3000 won I’ve ever spent. Winding through dark corridors you would occasionally set off a blacklight-lit scene with little animatronics. Spooky characters included a bat eating a person, giant Arthropleura-like centipedes, someone getting pounded to death in a grain mill, and a snake coiling around a person. There were frequent appearances by a monster with a red face and a horn coming out of its forehead – presumably a monster from Korean folklore?

A popular Korean historical drama was filmed at the village, and there are costumes to try on for photos. I figure the hat fits pretty well.

Robin liked the Korean hats! (They were hot and strange.)

Scattered around the grounds were recreation pavilions with musical instruments and board games. There were also these really strange wicker tubes that you were supposed to lie down and hug. Very strange!

2 thoughts on “Korean Folk Village, part 3: in which there is general silliness

  1. Hats, haunted houses and wicker tubes (for hugging). What more could you ask for? Quite the bargain at $3.00 and I agree money well spent. Where is Scott's photo of his hat? This weekend trip contained lots of interesting Korean history and culture.


  2. I want to comment on the “hot and strange” comment, but I probably shouldn't. Sweet costumes, guys! It looks like you're having a lot of fun.


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