China #1


Scott and I have arrived in Beijing – and the first thing we did was go over to Dino Dino Dream Park near Olympic Stadium (in fairness, it was late in the day and still open, and we knew how to get there). 

Dino Dino Dream Park was both ridiculous and well done. There were some very nice animatronic dinosaurs, but sometimes in somewhat ridiculous poses. The Wuerhosaurus was trapped in a cage!

The IVPP lent some very nice mounts to the park consisting exclusively of Chinese dinosaurs. As such, there were many dinosuars I have never seen on display before, which was very cool.

I liked the presentation of active mounts near packing crates from the IVPP, in front of either a nice life restoration of the animal or a large photot of the field locality. In particular, I really liked the nice pair of Psittacosaurus.

 Also, *heart*.


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