A Return Visit to the Jurassic Forest

Last fall I visited the newly-opened Jurassic Forest and enjoyed it very much. However, because winter arrives early in Edmonton, the leaves had already fallen and the dinosaurs were quite snowy! Today I spent some time showing off ankylosaur fossils and casts with visitors at the forest, and had a chance to see the dinosaur trails in their summer greener. Here’s a few new photos from the forest!

Styracosaurus looks like it’s in its natural environment.

I can’t remember exactly which sauropod this is supposed to be, but I like the neck posture!

The Jurassic Forest also features a few non-dinosaurian friends, including several Pteranodon and this Dimetrodon. Right now, there are tadpoles in this marsh! (I’ve also heard a baby moose likes to visit the trails sometimes!)

A new addition this summer is Spinosaurus.

Jurassic Forest has been hosting special presentations for the last few weeks, including talks on tyrannosaur tails by fellow grad student Scott Persons, the dinosaurs of northwest Alberta by Robin Sissons and Kat Ormay (of GPRC), and presentations by Phil Currie and Jack Horner. You can keep track of their special events at this page or via their email newsletter.

Also, you can ride on this lovely Euoplocephalus! (He has a saddle, or else he’d be a bit spiky I think…)

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