We went to the beach this weekend!

The beaches are found on Jebudo, or Jebu Island, a short bus ride from Songsan. We had a wonderful afternoon looking for shells, admiring the scenery, and getting sunburnt.

There were some very nice rock formations, and apparently some hawks like to nest on the rocks behind me. At high tide you cannot drive on or off of the island, because the causeway becomes flooded (the “Miracle of Moses” as folks like to call it here).

I realize the last few posts have been a bit dinosaur-light, but luckily we were able to find this excellent specimen of Euoplocephalus with armour in situ.

And Scott found a very nice Centrosaurus!

I also kind of childishly insisted on having dinner in the boat restaurant…

3 thoughts on “Jebudo

  1. The sand “castles” or should I say dinosaurs were excellent! Hope you did not have a “strange” food adventure in the lovely boat restaurant, since the restaurant looks really interesting. What a great picture of the three of you in the shell!


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