Name that specimen, IVPP edition.

The IVPP’s public galleries are quite a lot of fun, and Scott and I spent a lunchtime wandering around. We saw many famous fossils! Can you guess the identity of the following close-ups? Answers at the bottom!






1. This scaly appendage is the lobe-fin of a preserved Latimeria.
2. A delicious meal of Psittacosaurus can be found inside Repenomanus.
3. This friendly fangly smile is that of the pterosaur Haopterus.
4. The delicate toes and feathers of Microraptor.
5. The perfectly placed plastron of Odontochelys.
6. A Pachyrhinosaurus wannabe, the nose of the rhino Coelodonta.

3 thoughts on “Name that specimen, IVPP edition.

  1. 5 for 6 if you count general identification. 3 for 6 if you only count correct genera. I saw that Repenomanus when I was there, too, but I could not remember what it was.


  2. Did you take any more photos of Odontochelys while you were there? I know that's a cast of the paratype currently on display, but I'd be interested to see if you had any more photos hehe. 🙂



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