Back to Ulaanbaatar.

I’m back from the Gobi!

The Korea-Mongolia International Dinosaur Project’s final field season was excellent and I will post some Gobi photos once I get myself sorted out in Edmonton in a few days. Dinosaurs were collected, friends were made, and many miles were walked.

In the meantime, I wanted to share a few photos of some of my favourite Mongolian things, besides the dinosaurs of course. We were able to catch a performance by Tumen Ekh, the national song and dance ensemble. It was fantastic, and showcased many of the different songs and dances of Mongolia. The first photo above is of a Tsam Dancer. Tsam dances are Buddhist ceremonies imported to Mongolia from Tibet, and feature elaborate decorated costumes and giant masks. Our performance had many interesting characters, but my favourite was this fellow, Tshoijoo, God of the Dead and Defender of the Faith.

There were several numbers by singers and the orchestra, which featured the morin khuur (horse-headed fiddles). The singer in this photo is performing a short-form song. There were also examples of long-form singing and throat singing.

One of the most impressive performances was by the contortionists. They are so strong!

That’s all for now – more Mongolia posts in a few days. Cheers all!

One thought on “Back to Ulaanbaatar.

  1. The photos of the performance by Tumen Ekh, the national song and dance ensemble were outstanding. It makes one appreciate all the wonderful diverse cultures of the world. The traditional dress of the performers is so colourful. Also, can't image how the contortionists can do that while balanced on poles.


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